Use effective instructional and explanatory videos!

  • To present your company's products
  • To explain workplace rules and customs
  • For the training of your colleagues working in different fields
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Do you have to present processes, rules, products, services again and again?

Use educational videos instead of presentations, printed or online descriptions!

In HR illustration


  • Informing new entrants
  • Introducing way of working and internal processes
  • Training casual workers
In Sales? illustration

In Sales?

  • Company presentation
  • Product presentation
  • User manual
  • Quick startup manual
  • Sales technique
In Customer Service? illustration

In Customer Service?

  • Customer management
  • Payment and invoicing rules,
  • Warranty rules
  • Product and service information
In Logistics? illustration

In Logistics?

  • Packaging
  • Forwarding
  • Stacking

Why should you use video?

Your presentation could be five times more effective using animated video, while keeping quality on high level, you could save time and money.

  • Save money
  • Keep quality high
  • Avoid any information loss

The effectiveness of audiovisual information transfer is five times better than that of written information.

An average person recalls 10% of the information they read, while 50% of the information they see and hear.

The three pillars of an effective instructional and explanatory video:

  • Excellent technical content
  • Short, comprehensible text
  • A spectacular visual world to help understanding and recollection

How is the animated video made?

In continuous cooperation with you

  1. Identifying your problem

  2. Collecting and organizing content

  3. Writing the text

  4. Designing the visual appearance

  5. Recording voice narration

  6. Making the animation

Posting the video: solving the problem

We measure the impact of the videos as needed

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Watch more references on the Tell it visually's YouTube channel!